SnailThere are all sorts of weird beauty treatments on the market. The latest weird treatment, snail slime facials, comes out of France.


The Chicago Tribune’s Lifestyles section ran a report on this odd treatment.


Louis-Marie Guedon says the mucus secreted by snails are full of collagen, glycolic acid, antibiotics and other compounds that regenerate skin cells and heal cuts.


Guedon, from Champagnelles in the west-central region of Charente-Maritime, believes it could presage a cosmetic revolution and has developed a secret technique to harvest the slime.


He is busy turning the innovation into France’s first industrial-scale mucus extraction operation with a target to harvest 15 tons of it next year.


There’s no direct mention of what 15 tons of snail slime is supposed to fix, save for that reference to “collagen and cuts.” One has to wonder who first had the notion to stick a snail on her face in the first place. (And some people do, in Japan there are apparently clinics that simply let the snails wander around on your face directly instead of attempting to bottle it).


Some people will try anything, but in truth, snail slime probably can’t do much more for you than a good moisturizer could. Given this reality, you might as well go straight to the moisturizer and skip the mollusk mucus. It’s important to hydrate your skin, but you just don’t have to go to crazy extremes to get the job done.


How’s your “ick” factor on this one?