handsDid you know that the state of your hands can say a lot about the state of your health?


It’s true. For example, if your palms stay blotchy and red for long periods of time it could be one symptom of liver disease. (You should get checked out right away if you also have swollen legs and fatigue).


Swollen fingers could be a sign that you’ve been eating too much salt. But if they don’t go away after you drink lots of water and cut down on the sodium then you might well have an under-active thyroid.


Got pale nails? That is, are they white all the time, or do they remain white after you press on them for a few seconds? This could be a serious sign of anemia. You should get checked out, especially if you always feel tired! Get your doctor to run a blood test, just in case. If it is anemia, you’ll probably be able to take care of it with a daily iron supplement.


Are your hands always cold and clammy? This could actually be a sign of anxiety–or a sign that you’ve consumed one too many cups of coffee. Caffeine produces some of the same symptoms that anxiety does. Try cutting back and drinking some water if you notice that you don’t have a very pleasant handshake anymore.


Do you ever get that “pins and needles” sensation in your fingers? That could be a sign of a vitamin B-12 deficiency. Think about taking a multi-vitamin to see if it goes away. If it doesn’t, you should definitely go and see your doctor.


Your hands can also display evidence of certain skin conditions. Scaly patches or a skin rash can be signs of eczema or psoriasis. These diseases both make your skin painful and itchy. You can even end up scratching hard enough to make it break open and bleed! Fortunately, you can usually conquer this discomfort with a good moisturizer. Alo-Verix is specially formulated to help you tackle these conditions. It has all-natural, soothing ingredients so you can conquer that distracting itch and get on with your day.

Are your hands talking to you?