Winter doesn’t just affect our day to day lives, it also plays a part in our skin’s appearance. Due to the radical changes in temperature brought about by the season as well as central heating, it’s not uncommon to get dry, flaky skin, chapped or bleeding lips, as well as red patches.

Due to the cold, moisture in the air is much less than what our skin requires. For every degree drop in temperature, the body produces around 10% less oil and moisture, which is the opposite of what occurs during the summer months. Because of this environment, water is lost from our skin cells, leaving it feeling extremely dry and tight. Our skin’s need for moisture is significantly higher during the winter season and if it isn’t remedied, our body becomes environmentally stressed. Symptoms of this condition include:

  • Dehydration
  • Itchy or sensitive skin
  • Increased sensitivity of the cheeks
  • Fine rashes
  • Increase in ageing lines
  • Dry skin that isn’t improved by ordinary moisturizers

Wearing heavy and warm clothes with materials such as wool also contribute to skin dryness, causing cracking and flaking to begin faster. This is especially true for those who wear scarves, since breathing with them on can cause condensation to form on the fabric and rub against the skin. Experts recommend wearing clothing and accessories made of light or breathable materials to avoid this problem.

The lips are usually the first part of the body that reveals a negative reaction to the drop in temperature. Once they feel damaged or chapped, treat it as an early warning sign and begin to replenish the lost moisture by choosing the proper skin care products.

Take note of the condition of your cheeks and eyes as well. Because of the thinness of the skin around the eyes, an increase in fine lines is much more likely to happen in a dry or cold environment. Remember that applying eye creams should be done in a gentle manner, preferably using your ring finger, and to avoid pulling at the skin. Applying the right amount of sun screen on your face should always be a priority as well, since it gets a lot of sun exposure in addition to the cold weather.

Fight the adverse effects of winter on your skin by choosing an intensive hydrating and deep moisturizing cream that will boost the moisture of your skin, such as Alo-Verix.