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Health & Beauty Fix

Memorial Day is the official kickoff to hours of outside fun like hiking, biking, swimming, lazy days at the beach and endless romantic summer strolls. Long days in the sun can leave skin dry and parched so it’s important to take special care to give yourself extra moisture and protection.


Summer is the perfect season to reward your skin with Alo-Verix, Bio-Scriptives moisture rich formula with aloe vera, shea butter and the phenomenal anti-aging supplement, Resveratrol.


Did you know that in the US the hours between 10 am and 4 pm (daylight savings time) are the most hazardous for UV exposure outdoors?  Make sure to keep your skin protected with a wide brim hat to shade your face, ears, neck and head. Safeguard eyes by investing in a pair of good sunglasses which block both UVA and UVB rays. Learn to be SPF savvy and choose your sun protection level  carefully.


Sunscreen may be applied after your moisturizer but remember to allow a few minutes of absorption time between applications.  Or, you may find it more convenient to simply use a combination sunscreen and moisturizer lotion or gel.


Special tip: Remember that pinning your hair up in a ponytail or bun exposes tender skin to the sun. So, don’t forget to apply sunscreen on the back of your neck every day.


Sunscreen has an expiration date and loses its effectiveness over time. So remember to check the date on the container. Better yet, it’s a good idea to replace it at the beginning of each season.