Approximately 13 million Americans suffer from Rosacea. If you get blotchy red spots on your face you’re not alone!

How do you know you have rosacea? The National Rosacea Society lists the following symptoms:

  • Redness on the cheeks, nose, chin, or forehead.
  • Small, visible blood vessels on the face.
  • Bumps and pimples on the face.
  • Watery or irritated eyes.

There is no cure for Rosacea, but you can manage the condition.

For example, most people with Rosacea have specific triggers which cause their symptoms to flare up. Triggers are  different for everyone, but some of the most common include sun exposure, stress, hot weather, hot baths, cold weather, and alcohol consumption. Certain make-up products can also irritate your skin, causing a flare-up. The National Rosacea society suggests avoiding make-up that contains fragrances, and notes that you should use make-up lightly to reduce your chances of triggering a flare-up.

Track your triggers by keeping a journal. When you get a flare-up, note what was happening at the time. Some triggers are unavoidable, but others can be managed. If you know, for example, that hot baths are one of your triggers then you can try lowering the temperature on your baths in the future.

A good anti-blusher like Post Vas-Ex can also help you manage Rosacea. Post Vas-Excontains high-quality ingredients like aloe vera and white water lilly. It helps to calm skin irritation and can even be used before you put on make-up. This will reduce the chances that make-up will trigger skin irritation.

Though Rosacea can be emotionally distressing it doesn’t have to take over your life!