Adult acne isn’t a minor thing. It can be persistent and frustrating. It can have a real impact on the way that you feel about yourself, which can, in turn, have a real impact on your professional life and your love life.

However, there’s an acne treatment that is fast, easy, and effective. It’s also virtually side-effect free. It’s called LED therapy, light therapy, or blue light therapy.

How LED Therapy Works

LED therapy works because it kills acne bacteria under the skin, which means it is attacking acne at the source. The treatment is safe and painless.

Don’t confuse LED lights with lasers, which generate huge amounts of heat, or with UV rays, which can put you at risk for cancer. LED therapy uses low-heat LED lights. The therapy is even safe enough to do at home.

How Long does LED Therapy Take?

LED light therapy is pretty fast. You can be done with it in 10 minutes. You usually need to keep administering the treatment over an 8 week period to see the best results.

How Can I Make LED Treatment More Effective?

First, you should use a combination of red light and blue light. Intelligent Acne Treatments posted statistics from the British Journal of Dermatology which indicated that a combination of red and blue light therapy was “significantly superior to blue light alone.”