March 7th was International Women’s Day, but this is still a time to honor women’s accomplishments, as well as to raise awareness about women’s issues. That’s because March 10th (today) kicks off Universal Women’s Week.

Women all over the world will be sharing resources, running and attending seminars, and reflecting on ways to make life better for everyone. The week is dedicated to focusing on just about anything that impacts women professionally, socially, or personally.

Of course, this list does include women’s health issues. So we headed over to see what was up at We happened to notice that “The Effects of Rosacea” is one of their featured articles this week, and we thought that was pretty appropriate. If anything impacts a woman personally, socially, and professionally it is definitely rosacea.

The National Rosacea Society (NRS) and Galderma Laboratories conducted a survey of 502 women with rosacea and 1,009 people without rosacea which showed that women with rosacea are more likely to be perceived as insecure and unhealthy. The survey also showed that women with rosacea are more often seen as tired, in need of improving their skin care and less likely to be in a relationship. On the flip side, women with clear skin are more likely to appear confident, happy and fun. Unfair, right? All the more reason to seek help from a dermatologist and get treatment.

It is pretty unfair. But we can’t always help how people perceive us. But we don’t want you to let rosacea (or the reactions of ignorant individuals) get you down. That’s why we invite you to celebrate Universal Women’s Week with Post Vas-Ex.

Post Vas-Ex is a powerful anti-blusher and skin tone evener. That means it can help you battle rosacea every single day! And that means you’ll have more energy to spare on issues that aren’t so skin-deep.