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Bio-Scriptives Product Testimonials

What people are saying about Bio-Scriptives’ products…


“Bio-Scriptives Repiderm […] is a powerhouse of a product. In addition to the herbal extracts, Repiderm also contains 4.4% benzoyl peroxide and essential oils to work seamlessly together to kill black and white heads.”From Gregorie G. of Hue Knew It:

“I was actually quite shocked the next day when I looked in the mirror and noticed that the largest blemish was a little smaller and not as red. I continued to use it every day, and much to my complete surprise, I could see visible improvement. I’ve never had this kind of luck with an acne product before.
I must say, I have really gotten visible results from this. The worst patch on my cheek is so much improved – it’s not totally gone, but the blemishes have shrunk a lot and they are no longer as red, so I feel like they are small enough to not be that bothersome or too noticeable. I’ve also gotten random spots popping up on my chin and forehead, and putting a dab of this on seems to stop the problem in its tracks.”From Beeb A. of Contest Corner:

“I think the 4.4% solution may just work. 2% doesn’t work for me and 10% is way too drying and I end up with peeling skin. So far, so good.”From Noelle of Jumpin Beans:

“I just use it to cover the area that has broken out… […] the mountains that were originally on my face were gone. No more pimples. ”From Maria of Maria’s Space:

“What I like the most is that I know what every ingredient is on the bottle. [Repiderm] is made with 16 herbal extracts and essential oils with 4.4% Benzoyl Peroxide. It also smells really good, and those of you that have ever tried any type of acne treatment know they smell awful. My daughter suffers from acne and I think I will be getting her a bottle of [Repiderm] to clear up her face.”From Christine of The IE Mommy:

“I decided to join both of the teenagers in using Repiderm to see how I like it compared to the other products that I’ve tried and I have to agree with them in that it is super easy, especially when you’re used to using a skincare system that has like 10 steps and products.”From Allison of Misadventures in Baby Raising:

“When I learned about Repiderm made by Bio-Scriptives, I was immediately excited. You see, Repiderm eliminates the need to treat acne with several different steps. This easy to apply topical product is all-in-one, and can be applied to a clean face twice a day. This is a much simpler routine to follow than other acne products, and one that even (lazy) teens can stick to!”From Brandy of Newly Crunchy Mama of 3:

“The coolest thing about this product is that it isn’t 3 or 4 steps, it is a one and done thing. It would be easy for teens and young adults because it does not require the multi-step regimen.”From Naomi of Sweep Tight:


“I first applied it after my shower. I like that a little goes a long way. The best part was that my skin continued to feel soft all day. I couldn’t resist touching my face all day amazed how soft it felt. I have very dry skin normally and with the summer months here I tend to dry out even more. This cream has been a blessing.”From Lynda of Canadian Dealfinders:

“With using Alo-Verix for approximately a month, I have found the consistency to be great. It is not a heavy cream so you don’t feel it weighing down your skin. I thought it did a great job moisturizing for me with just applying once a day. My skin felt soft versus the dryness I had experienced before starting this review with Alo-Verix.”From Karen of Minnesota:

“Alo-Verix by Bio-Scriptives is a deep moisturizer and anti-aging cream that contains a powerful blend of non-irritating amino acids, fatty acids, aloe vera, shea butter and resveratrol to knock the dry, dull skin back into winter where it belongs.”From Storm D. of Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife:

Post Vas-ex

I love it! I have a few issues with blushing and this miracle in a bottle is the perfect solution. It’s lightweight and non-greasy. These are two big pluses for me and my skin. I can’t stand anything heavy on my delicate skin. I use it first thing in the morning and my skin shows less blushing by the end of the day. Bio-Scriptives Post VAS-ex is the perfect solution for everyday use, especially after a visit to the spa or if you’re prone to blushing effects.From Debra of High Heels & Hot Flashes:

This product is dye and fragrance free, but there’s a light scent to it that comes from the ingredients in the product. It’s not overwhelming. The product absorbs easily into the skin and doesn’t feel heavy or greasy. It felt good on my skin and I did not react to the product. […] The 2 ounce bottle size makes it easy to take along Post Vas-ex when traveling, especially if you’ll be hitting the spa on vacation.From Storm of Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife:


“My four year old daughter Paige loves to help me cook in the kitchen. She touched a waffle maker and burned her finger pretty badly. I saw that the Lidum was good for burns and had a numbing affect so I put it on her finger after running it under water. It did immediately take the pain away which finally provided some relief for my poor baby! By the next day a good sized blister had appeared. I kept applying the cream whenever she would complain about it which lasted a few days. The blister finally broke on it’s own and […] her finger looks almost as good as new! If you’re going to have kids, you’re going to have accidents. Having a pain numbing cream like Lidum is an essential in my home and I was happy to have it here when I needed it most!”From Lindsey of The IE Mommy:

“One of my employees recently had a quadruple bypass and they took an artery from his arm for the procedure. Two weeks after surgery, his arm was severely scarred was itching. I had him apply Lidum and he was very happy. The itching almost immediately disappeared. He uses it now on a regular basis.”From Robert in Ohio:

“Oh my gosh! I could not go without this product. I previously used Lidum for bikini waxing but now use it for laser hair removal. I no longer dread going for hair removal treatments.”From Storm of Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife:

“Lidum 4% comes in an easy to use and apply from 2 ounce tube. It’s small enough that it can fit into a purse or travel make up case, but big enough you get plenty of product from. The product absorbs easily into skin, and I didn’t really feel a greasy feeling after using it. […] It was great using it on my eyebrows a few minutes prior to tweezing them, and really helped cut down on my watery eyes.”From Sherry in Arizona:

Extreme PR

“Unlike some products, the menthol smell doesn’t hang around forever – you know, the ones that make you feel self conscious that everyone is going to know you used it. […] It absorbs really quickly into the skin – I’ll admit I was surprised – and it’s not greasy, so you can apply this on your skin and wear shorts out in the gym for instance, and no one would be the wiser. Now I only used it on light aches and pains, so I can’t say if it would help with those really bad ones, but it seemed to help out pretty good, especially on sore knees. If you work out regularly at the gym, I’d keep ExtremePR in your gym bag for quick relief so you can continue your workout.”From Storm D. of Confessions of a Psychotic Housewife:

“After only a small application, my knee was no longer hurting and I could walk with out any trouble. I also loved the fact that I didn’t break out from this lotion as I have from other’s that claim to do the same thing. I also liked that this ointment was not greasy as others on the market. This way I didn’t have to worry about it getting on my clothes and staining in any way.”From Amy of A Lucky Ladybug:

“My daughter was in a bad accident back in September. She was the passenger and had her belt on but still hit her head on the dashboard. She was in quite a bit of pain and couldn’t get headache relief. […] So we rubbed it on her shoulders at night and she was actually able to get some relief. It is not a pain medicine. It does not take the place of seeing a doctor. But it truly did help relieve some of the pain in her muscles. […] If you are a weigh lifter and need minor muscle relief, this would be great for you. Sit at a computer all day and your shoulders stiffen up at night? Try this instead of motrin and see if it helps.”From Tracee of 5 Lil Bass in Tow: