Skin care is so vital for busy Moms.  And while you can research and try a host of products that may help support beautiful skin during this time of incredible change, the best advice for skin beauty comes from the basics.


After all, prevention truly is better than a cure.  Prevent skincare dilemmas with these 5 basic tips.


1. Get a good night’s sleep.


Many skin problems such as pimples, acne, wrinkles, etc. occur because of stress and sleep deprivation.  Lack of sleep is also one of the main contributors of stress, and stress increases the hormone called cortisol which takes vital nutrients from your skin in order to repair itself.


When faced with a problem, always think twice.  Ask yourself, “Will I allow this problem to leave a mark on my face?”


What?  No?  Good.  Now go get some beauty rest.


2. Take extra precautions when traveling.


Travel brings a lot of stresses such as flying, adjusting to a different environment, a new climate, and time differences.


Traveling also exposes you to various kinds of bacteria which can impact your health and your skin.  The new weather—and your fatigue—can dry out your skin, too.


Make sure you drink lots of water and wear tons of sunblock.  Choose outfits that will help you protect your skin from whatever weather conditions are out there.


3. Manage your weight.


Our bodies can go bipolar as we age.  Some women gain a lot and never lose, while some never gain any weight at all.  Weight loss can affect the skin’s elasticity, which means the skin starts sagging in the long run.


On the other hand, weight gain increases your insulin.  Insulin breaks down the collagen in your skin, which can result in wrinkles.


The solution?  Learn the healthy weight for your age and height, and try to maintain that.


4. Cut down on sugar.


At the end of the day, the kids are asleep and the laundry done, you just want to indulge on that jar of cookies or a Snickers bar.


Well this is something you should never forget: stick to dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate has less sugar in it, and you get to benefit from the chocolate’s anti-oxidant properties, too.


Sugar can contribute to the sagging and wrinkling of your skin.


5. Clean your face before you sleep.


If you sometimes fall into bed exhausted without bothering to clean your face then you’re not alone.  Many women make this mistake. However, sleeping with makeup, dust, and other pollutants on your face is a great way to clog your pores.  Dirty skin leads to acne and just looks less healthy overall.


Ladies, let us make it a conscious habit to wash our faces before we sleep.  It only takes a few minutes…and you’ll be more comfortable, too. That means you should have an easier time dropping off at night.