Aching joints aren’t just a problem during the day. They can also cause enough discomfort to keep you tossing and turning at night, too. recently ran a feature addressing this problem. The healthy living website suggested that there are several foods that you can use to target your aches and pains.

Cherries were one of the top foods on the Bold Sky list:

“According to medical science and research, tart cherry extract has ten times more powerful components than any prescription medicine to relieve inflammation. Two tablespoons of concentrated cherry juice can give effective results in night time body pain.”

Berries, turmeric, celery, red grapes, and ginger all made the list as well. Red grapes weren’t much of a surprise since they contain the powerful anti-aging compound resveratrol.

Other helpful foods included soy, coffee, and salmon. Many of these foods are beneficial to the body for other reasons as well.

Of course, food-based cures work over time. They aren’t a quick fix, and that means you could be in pain for a long time before you start seeing results.

If joint pain is keeping you up at night you probably need something that works a little bit faster. A topical compound like Extreme PR can help provide you with short-term relief while waiting for the longer-term food cures to kick in.

Then you can sleep better, which also will help with your joint pain, as well as providing your body with what it needs to tackle a host of other health issues.