There’s a common skin care misconception that having combination skin means having skin that is both oily and dry. Skin care experts have proven that you can’t have both oily and dry skin, but you can definitely have oily and dehydrated skin. Those who claim to have oily skin but have areas of their face that feel tight are actually dehydrated. Dryness involves little to no oil production and results in flaky patches of skin. However, when skin is dehydrated, it concerns either normal, combination or oily skin that lacks water.

Those who have clogged pores, get acne breakouts, and feel a tightness in their skin usually resort to using moisturizers specially formulated for those with dry skin. This then leads to an incompatibility with their natural skin type and causes an increase in skin bumps, breakouts and clogged pores.

Aside from avoiding the 7 deadly sins of skin care, there are several ways to combat both oily and dehydrated skin. While drinking water is a great habit, the truth is that a big reason for skin maladies like this all points back to skin care products that are too harsh or incompatible.

Here are some great tips that help you make sure you’re using the right skin care products:

1.) Inspect Your Facial Cleansers

No two facial cleansers are alike. Each facial cleanser contains a wide range of ingredients and chemicals that may or may not damage your skin. A common example of damaging skin care products is a gel or foaming cleanser that contains harsh chemicals. Ingredients such as Ammonium Laureth Sulfate or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate can strip the hydration out of your skin each time you use products with these substances. If you use cleansers that pull all the water out of your skin, it leads to the buildup of dead skin cells and severely dehydrates your skin.

2.) Make Moisturizing A Habit

Moisturizing is a crucial step that should be included in every person’s skin care routine. While you sleep, your skin is very permeable and allows beneficial moisturizing ingredients to be absorbed better. Using products that are extremely hydrating yet doesn’t clog your pores, such as Alo-Verix, helps to make the most of skin care routines and boosts the skin’s moisture levels to keep it youthful and fresh.

3.) Complete Your Skin Care Routine

Using pharmaceutical strength skin care products with clinically supported results is a tried and tested way to restore or maintain your skin’s natural health. Build a routine that revolves around products backed by science. After cleansing your skin, use toner and moisturizer immediately because leaving  your face bare longer than necessary leaves it open to dehydration. Following a complete routine protects your skin from tightness and dryness as well.