In a previous post we talked about how sleeping on your face can cause wrinkles. However, one dermatologist may have come up with a solution to this problem.

ABC News recently ran a report about a new pillow that was developed by a Dr. Goesel Anson. She developed the pillow because discipline alone won’t change a person’s sleeping position. People typically change position up to 20 times a night involuntarily.

It was her patient’s frustration with the lack of treatment for sleep wrinkles, Dr. Anson tells ABC news, that gave her the incentive to come up with Juve Rest, a new fangled pillow designed to prevent distortion of the face.

To develop the product, she collaborated with Juve Rest founder Cynthia Callendar, a Las Vegas lawyer and entrepreneur who previously had brought to market Sleep Master, a new kind of sleep mask.

Callendar tells ABC News that when the time came to make the pillow’s prototype, Anson took a turkey carving knife and a hunk of Styrofoam—“the kind you’d use for a floral arrangement”—and went to work. Today, the final product’s materials are different, says Callendar, but the concept has remained the same: a central panel on which a person sleeping on their back can rest their head; and, to either side, panels designed to cradle the head of someone sleeping on their side.

The product looks a little Space Age, but offers a nice solution to the problem of getting wrinkles while you sleep coupled with a good moisturizer. It might well help you look younger, longer, and there’s no harm in trying it if you find it comfortable, too.