It seems that there is no end to the creative and bizarre facial treatments that people can come up here. So what’s the next big trend?

According to The Washington Times, bird poop facials are now all the rage in Manhattan Spas. The treatment costs $180 per application.

The “bird poop facial” makes no real promises. The mix of nightingale excrement and rice bran is simply meant to keep your face “smooth.”

“While the spa’s eponymous owner Shizuka Bernstein has been offering the Geisha Facial for only five years, the beauty secret is thought to date back to the 1600s, when it was stumbled upon (but how?) by Japanese Geishas and actors.

The AP supplied this account of 35-year-old New Yorker Mari Miyoshi’s first fecal facial.

“The treatment begins with steam to open the pores and soften the skin. Cream is applied. And then comes what Bernstein calls ‘the nightingale part.’

She pours the cream-colored poop, dried and finely ground, into a bowl, mixing it with the rice bran using a small spatula. She applies the potion to Miyoshi’s face with a brush, rubbing it in with her hands.”

Fortunately, if you want smooth skin you don’t need to resort to extreme measures. Keep your face clean every day and apply a good moisturizer. A little bit of exfoliate helps, but as the article points out, a dermatologist would tell you that an apricot scrub will do you just as much good as the bran in the bird poo.

Sensible skin care saves you money, aggravation, and time! As for the bird poop facial? Well, it probably just needs to enter the skin care Hall of Shame.