The UK Daily Mail recently ran a report which indicated that women are seeking Botox treatments at earlier ages than ever. Some of the new Botox customers are as young as 20.

While one hardly expects to see wrinkles on a 20-something, the treatments are being pushed as a “preventative measure.” Supposedly, starting early is meant to prevent any wrinkles from ever appearing.

Yet there are real problems with this approach. First, these injections are painful and expensive.

Second, there could be unknown health consequences to such long-term use. Botox treatments must be repeated. It’s not a one-shot and done procedure.

Third, eventually the treatments may stop working altogether.

Last month, a review by German researchers published in the Journal of Neural Transmission found that many women who over-use the injections – which cost around $200 per session – are developing an immunity.


Botox is seen as an attractive option simply because the strategies which truly prevent wrinkles in a long-term way are not always easy. There’s a tendency for people to want an instant solution to problems. Let’s face it, few people like hearing that eating right, exercising, sleeping enough and staying out of the sun will deliver the answers that they seek.

Nevertheless, these measures, and a good moisturizer like Alo-Verix, are fully capable of getting the job done in a healthy, safe way that has no long-term side effects. You don’t have to force yourself to the repeated jabs of a dubious needle – at any age!