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Bio-Scriptives Media Kit

About Bio-Scriptives:

Bio-Scriptives produces high quality scientific skin care and topical pain relief products containing some of the most powerful vitamins, extracts and active ingredients available. Bio-Scriptives’ products are formulated with proprietary Derma-Release® delivery technology for maximum efficiency and effectiveness, and are designed for at-home use as well as in-office professional medical or spa treatment. For more information, visit

Media Contact:

For more information, to request media samples or to arrange an interview, Bio-Scriptives can be reached via:

Phone: 617 379-5676


Bio-Scriptives Facts:

  • Bio-Scriptives was founded in 2010 with the mission of creating clinical products rooted in scientific research.
  • Bio-Scriptives’ scientists have conducted extensive research that has led to major advances in the understanding of the skin’s function and protective properties.
  • Bio-Scriptives’ products are designed for both at-home use as well as in-office use by medical professionals and aesthetic spas.
  • Bio-Scriptives currently carries 8 products:
    • Repiderm, a powerful anti-acne treatment with Benzoyl Peroxide
    • Alo-Verix, an advanced anti-aging moisturizer with Resveratrol
    • Lidum 4%, a topical anesthetic with Lidocaine for minor cuts and burns
    • Lidum 5%, a topical anesthetic with Lidocaine for anorectal disorders
    • Pre VAS-ex, a soothing conditioning gel for use before spa services (professional use only)
    • Post VAS-ex, a soothing conditioning gel for use after spa services
    • Extreme PR, a premium topical joint and muscle pain reliever
    • Extreme AF, a clinically proven antifungal for treatment of Athlete’s Foot
  • Bio-Scriptives products utilize only the highest quality ingredients, and often contain more natural formulas than the competition.
  • Bio-Scriptives’ products contain some of the most powerful active ingredients on the market.
  • As a result of their research into the unique function and properties of the skin, Bio-Scriptives’ scientists have developed the proprietary, state of the art Derma-Release® technology to deliver products to the skin in the most efficient and effective way.
  • Bio-Scriptives products can be purchased online or through medical professionals and spas.


“My four year old daughter Paige loves to help me cook in the kitchen. She touched a waffle maker and burned her finger pretty badly. I saw that the Lidum was good for burns and had a numbing affect so I put it on her finger after running it under water. It did immediately take the pain away which finally provided some relief for my poor baby! By the next day a good sized blister had appeared. I kept applying the cream whenever she would complain about it which lasted a few days. The blister finally broke on it’s own and […] her finger looks almost as good as new! If you’re going to have kids, you’re going to have accidents. Having a pain numbing cream like Lidum is an essential in my home and I was happy to have it here when I needed it most!”
Lindsey of The IE Mommy, on Lidum
“I first applied it after my shower. I like that a little goes a long way. […] The best part was that my skin continued to feel soft all day. I couldn’t resist touching my face all day amazed how soft it felt. I have very dry skin normally and with the summer months here I tend to dry out even more. This cream has been a blessing.”
Lynda T. of Canadian Dealfinders, on Alo-Verix
“Bio-Scriptives Repiderm […] is a powerhouse of a product. In addition to the herbal extracts, Repiderm also contains 4.4% benzoyl peroxide and essential oils to work seamlessly together to kill black and white heads.”
Gregorie G. of Hue Knew It, on Repiderm
“I must say, I have really gotten visible results from this. The worst patch on my cheek is so much improved – it’s not totally gone, but the blemishes have shrunk a lot and they are no longer as red, so I feel like they are small enough to not be that bothersome or too noticeable. I’ve also gotten random spots popping up on my chin and forehead, and putting a dab of this on seems to stop the problem in its tracks.”
Beeb A. of Contest Corner, on Repiderm
“I just use it to cover the area that has broken out… […] the mountains that were originally on my face were gone. No more pimples.”
Noelle of Jumpin’ Beans, on Repiderm
“The coolest thing about this product is that it isn’t 3 or 4 steps, it is a one and done thing. It would be easy for teens and young adults because it does not require the multi-step regimen.”
Naomi C. of Sweep Tight, on Repiderm
“I like the lightweight, yet smooth feel, great ingredients, and the bottle is a convenient pump and plastic….great for travel!”
Robin G. of Motherhood Later…Than Sooner, on Alo-Verix
“I don’t like to be heavily moisturized and prefer to stay on the light side. That’s the real advantage for me. I felt properly moisturized but didn’t feel like I had just put heavy creams on my face. It’s light enough for people who don’t want heavy moisturizers. It’s heavy enough for older skin that may tend to be drier in the winter. […] I think it’s doing a great job for my skin and, at $40/bottle, runs at a price I would expect to pay for an anti-aging cream.”
Fadra N. of All Things Fadra, on Alo-Verix
“Since moving to Eastern Oregon I have found that my skin is really dry, especially parts of my face. Alo-Verix has really helped with that. My face is super moisturized and soft now.”
Katie B. of What Mama Wants, on Alo-Verix
“In addition to my nightly facial routine, I’ve been sneaking it in throughout the day whenever my face feels dry. […] I am excited to keep using it daily to keep enjoying the benefits of such a unique combination of moisturizers, among non-irritating amino acids, fatty acids, shea butter, aloe vera and resveratol. Overall, I’m so pleased with this product, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a trusted moisturizer that focuses on reducing the signs of again. Maybe I’ll still look 26 for many years to come!”
Camille M. of Dandy Giveaway, on Alo-Verix