A recent Huffington Post article offered some make-up tips for people who suffer from rosacea. Dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman teamed up with celebrity make-up artist Katey Denno to offer this advice.

The advice stressed the importance of reading make-up labels. Specifically, you want to avoid make-up that contains oils and fragrances. Mineral make-up is best.

You also want to find a yellow-tinted product. The yellow color helps to cancel out redness.

The two women also teamed up to offer application advice.

Keep your make-up application light and uniform. According to Denno, it’s crucial that the texture you use to cover the worst of the breakout area is the same texture and color as the remainder of your face. If it doesn’t match up, you’ll draw even more attention to the outbreak.


Once you’ve applied a yellow base covering the most affected areas, you can then put on your foundation. Denno prefers to apply makeup with a foundation brush and then use a clean Beauty Blender sponge that has been thoroughly dampened and wrung dry in a towel to set and create a flawless finish.


Makeup-195x300“Use a sheer powder only on your T-Zone, applying very lightly with a small brush just where you need it in a placement pattern (not a sweeping motion) or you’ll risk displacing the foundation you’ve laid in place. If you’re having trouble covering the red, mix some yellow mineral pigment with your face powder and lay down a thin layer of this first over the reddest areas; cover with your foundation powder,” said Denno.

Post VAS-ex anti-blusher can also help with rosacea. This product soothes the skin to reduce swelling and redness. While it was originally developed to help reduce redness from spa treatments it is equally helpful for evening out your skin tone. Combining Post VAS-ex with these make-up tips can help you manage your rosacea, helping you face the world.