I never in my life thought I would be so excited about a numbing cream.
Night creams, day creams, ice cream….yes.
Numbing cream? No.

But then I got my hands on Lidum.

I’m not one (yet), to have a lot of work done that would involve something like Lidum, but what I’ve come to realize is that even if you aren’t getting procedures, Lidum is still a must have household product!

Let me just go down the list of ways this homeschooling, stay at home mama, has used it in just this last month!

BURNS: In just the last month, there have been two occasions where my curling iron has caused some damage, and I’m not just talking about to the ends of my hair.

The first time it was my friends 2-year-old daughter. I had unplugged the iron and set it aside, knowing it was still hot and there was a curious little toddler roaming around. Unfortunately, the genius baby found the iron within seconds and grabbed that sucker as though it was the yummiest sucker ever. That poor little girl went from absolutely excited about a treasure to screaming in excruciating pain. As her mama went to soothe her and run her hand under cold water, I ran to the Lidum. We quickly applied the lotion to the burn and continued to rock and comfort her while the Lidum went to work. Ten minutes later, her tears were gone and she was off to find her next adventure…which, I promise, did not include anything heat related.

A few weeks later, it was my turn. Attempting to curl my new shortened ‘do, I accidentally brushed my finger against the tip of the curling iron for a little too long. Immediately in pain I remembered the Lidum, applied it instantly, and then completely forgot the whole thing happened just 20 minutes later. Lidum is kind of amazing.

SUNBURN: My incredible husband surprised me with a one in a lifetime vacation for our ten-year anniversary to a tropical island for an entire week. With NO kids. We dreamt of sleeping and sunbathing and sleeping some more. And it ended up being exactly that.

Only, I think I was a little overly ambitious with the sunbathing.
Because on the second day, I found myself looking less like a bronzed goddess and more like a crunchy lobster. I was more than a little panicked being that I still had a week to enjoy the tropical sun.

And this is where Lidum saved the day. Immediately I slathered on the cream, which has aloe as the first ingredient, and within minutes my skin was soothed and the pain was numbed. I continued to use the cream throughout the day and night, and was relieved to be free of the usual sunburn sting. 24 hours later, the burn was healed and I was back on the deck getting my vitamin D. Lidum was my hero.

MOSQUITO BITES: There is just something about me that mosquito’s love. Maybe it’s that I’m just so sweet?

I’ve tried deet, natural repellents, garlic pills, even Niacin….and those suckers (literally) still find a way to get to me. And what’s worse, is that I always have a fun swelling reaction that happens once they’ve had their fun. The bites swell and they itch, and I feel as though I will literally die from itching. Once again, Lidum was the first thing I thought of. It soothes, it numbs, so what else would I reach for? Let me just tell you, it totally worked!!! I was able to rub it into the “wound” and feel relief, and actually started to believe I wasn’t really going to die. It even allowed me enough time off from scratching that I was able to get a full nights sleep.

So, all that to say, I now keep Lidum in my medicine cabinet. In the first aid kit. In my car. And I even have a few tucked away in my purse.

This is a product that will save your life.

And by life, I mean pain.