About 6 months ago I was sent some products from Bioscriptives that I loved so much and so I’ve been faithfully using them ever since.

So, 3 months ago when they reached out asked if I’d be interested in working with them, I was all about it! I knew the products worked, and I had seen amazing results both in my friends as well as myself, and I was thrilled to partner up!

This video is just one of many where I’ll share some of my most favorite products and how I use them. (and why you will love them too!)
We’ll also be doing some Beauty Q&A in the future so if you have questions, leave a comment and we’ll include them in an upcoming video!!!

For this one, I decided to really test out their Lidum (numbing cream) while getting my eyebrows threaded, just to see if it REALLY worked as it claimed.

Watch and see how it all worked out (and witness some eyeliner gone wrong!)