We love keeping things fresh and natural with our skincare routines. Just like our Alo-Verix relies on chemical-free ingredients like aloe and shea butter and our Repiderm provides the acne fighting boost of natural oils, keeping it simple can be a welcome change for the complex organ of our skin! In a pinch, even browsing through your kitchen cabinets might provide an easy, refreshing fix. Items with natural anti-oxidants are a great start to help boost your complexion.

Anti-oxidants will help reduce redness and swelling, leaving your skin dewy and calm. Honey is a great natural source of anti-oxidants and can be applied in a number of ways with other common household ingredients.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. Add a quarter cup of honey to your bath or footsoak to help soothe tired skin. The honey mixed with warm water will leave skin silky smooth.
2. Honey with cinnamon and warm water is a great breath freshener!
3. Sudden pimple? Cover it with a paste made of honey and ground cinnamon and let it sit overnight.
4. For in-a-pinch exfoliating, mix honey with lemon juice and ground almonds for a wonderful, frangrant face scrub.
5. A great 15-minute mask, honey mixed with egg whites will clean pores. Rinse away with warm water and notice how firm your face looks!
6. To revitalize dull hair, mix honey with warm water and cover those distressed strands for 30 minutes. Rinse away for a bright, new shine!
7. For more intense moisturizing, mix one tablespoon of honey with one teaspoon of olive oil and coat skin or hair. Rinse away to reveal thoroughly moistened skin.

Honey can play a part in boosting your overall health as well. Many old, home remedies include honey, and for good reason, too! Try drinking honey in tea for your next sore throat, or using honey as a substitute for refined sugars. Whether for use in baking or as a conditioner, honey is a very useful thing to have on hand!