You already know it would be smart to relax. Remember that link between stress and acne? 

But often, relaxation is easier said than done. This article in Medical Daily offered a few unique tips to help you do just that.

These weren’t the usual tips about yoga, bubble baths, or deep breathing. There were actually one or two tips that would be pretty feasible for anyone.

For example, it may be smart to go to bed a little earlier. Why? So you can get up early too–and beat rush hour traffic. You’ll also leave yourself more time to get through your morning routine, which means stressing a lot less over the possibility that you might be late to work.

Of course, you may not be much of an early riser. If not, this next tip may provide you with something even more practical.

Taking Vitamin C was another particularly easy stress-buster. Popping a Vitamin C tablet takes less than a minute! This helpful little vitamin is known for boosting your immune system, but it does more. It inhibits the stress hormone cortisol, which means you may feel a heck of a lot more capable of tackling your day.

Blocking that cortisol is key. Cortisol doesn’t just make you feel stressed. Too much cortisol can show up as excess belly fat–really stubborn belly fat that will resist every attempt to make it disappear. adds that an excess of cortisol can slow down your thinking as well. You might not need to reach for a cup of coffee to clear that brain fog after all.

As you can see, acne just isn’t the only reason why you should stress less! Fortunately, stressing less doesn’t have to be difficult or inconvenient, which is good news for everyone.