The UK’s Daily Telegraph recently ran an article on preventing and treating joint pain. As the article noted, joint pain is often treated like it’s an inevitable side effect to aging, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

As the article mentioned, exercise is particularly helpful for reducing the joint-pain blues. Gentle stretching is a helpful start, but you should also incorporate low-impact exercises like biking, walking, and swimming.

Watching your diet is also important. Weight loss can have a significant impact on joint health since excess weight places the joints under unnecessary strain.

Diet isn’t just about weight. Joints also benefit when you drop processed foods, opting to eat nutrient-rich natural foods instead.

Yet there are also some joint pain factors that aren’t quite as in your control, such as the way that you walk. Those issues require professional help from orthopedic specialists.

“…There are small but significant lifestyle changes we can all take, such as the use of simple orthopedic shoe insoles, which adjust a misaligned gait.

Consultant orthopedic surgeon William Dunnet believes that such timely interventions as soon as—or even before—any niggling joint pain arises can make a huge difference in both the short and long term where successful treatment is concerned.”

Of course, sometimes you just need joint pain relief since lifestyle changes aren’t always fast. That’s where a topical pain-relief lotion like Extreme PR is helpful.

Menthol-based lotions like Extreme PR are safe, effective, and side-effect free. And once you’ve killed the pain, stretching, exercises, and other lifestyle changes will be far easier to handle.