Oily skin is a pain no matter what season, but it’s especially problematic during the summer. Are you constantly worried about shiny skin, or hiding oil blotting sheets and products to get rid of the annoying shine? The combination of heat, humidity and your sweat causes skin to react and produces more sebum – making your skin feel oily. To reduce the appearance of oily skin, here are a few things you need to avoid:

  1. Cleaning your face with hot water

Dehydrating your skin might seem like the solution to oily skin, but it’s not. When you use hot water to wash your face, it irritates your skin and will encourage the overproduction of oil. Avoid this mistake by using water at room temperature. Your hydrated skin will thank you!

  1. Touching your face

One of the first skincare rules that many people learn is to refrain from touching the face as much as possible. Doing this not only causes acne breakouts, but it also increases the production of oil because the oil on your fingers transfers to your face.  When you’re sweating, don’t wipe it off with your hand. Blot off the sweat with blotting sheets or a paper towel.

  1. Applying the wrong sunscreen

Sunscreen is a must for every single skin type. However, using the wrong kind of product can make oily skin worse. While there is a wide variety of sunscreen available on the market, stay away from the products that make skin greasy and instead choose products that are oil-free.

  1. Applying heavy makeup

One of the most common causes of oil production is using heavy makeup. Using too much makeup restricts the breathability of  skin and causes it to go into overdrive to produce more oil. During these warmer months, try using lighter makeup products like oil-free powders.

  1. Skipping moisturizers

If your skin is oily, it will benefit a lot from the right amount of moisture. Because of the summer heat, it’s even more important to prioritize hydration. Consider using a thicker type of moisturizer for your evening routine and a lighter one in the morning so your skin is bright and moisturized.