You’ve heard of carpal tunnel syndrome. But have you heard of tarsal tunnel syndrome?

Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a repetitive stress injury that affects the ankle, heel, and soles of the feet. Symptoms include pain, burning, and tingling in the affected areas.

Though it is not as well known or as well-publicized as carpal tunnel, tarsal tunnel can be just as painful. And a pair of one of the primary culprits resides in the closets of most of America’s women.

High heels.

The Colorado Foot Institute reports that wearing high heeled or tight fitting shoes, or any other shoes that put a lot of pressure on your toes, can put you at risk. They recommend flat, wider shoes with soft soles which reduce pressure by allowing bones to spread. You may need to see a foot specialist to get long-term relief if you are already suffering from this condition.

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Once your day is over, think about ditching those unhealthy shoes in favor of something a little more supportive. After all, you need those feet of yours for everything that you do…and there are plenty of cute shoes out there that won’t harm your feet!