You’ve likely heard of parabens and have a sense that they’re something to be avoided. More and more, skincare and cosmetic products are advertising the lack of parabens in their products, and we at Bio-Scriptives are no exception! It’s important to us to protect our consumers by keeping our products chemical free. So, what are those nasty parabens anyway?

For roughly the last 70 years, the most popular and widely used preservatives that keep lotions, creams, and cosmetics from becoming rancid or moldy have been from the paraben family. A far cry better than formaldehyde, once the front-runner of preservatives, Parabens have been keeping our beauty products fresh for generations. However, with very little research into whether parabens are actually safe to put on our bodies, consumers must be cautious.

Product researchers and health safety regulators have reasons to suspect that this widespread use of parabens, which can mimic estrogen, may be related to rising incidences of breast cancer. As quoted in, “We’ve known for more than 25 years that estrogen exposure is linked to breast cancer development and progression,” says Phillipa Darbre, a senior oncology researcher. “So it is not such a leap to be concerned that repeated, cumulative, long-term exposure to chemicals that weakly mimic estrogen might be having an impact.” Following that, 55% of all cancerous growths in the breasts are in the upper outside portion of the breast closest to the underarm, making a case for the suspicion that parabens in deodorants are playing a part.

Although most studies into the effects of parabens on general health are still inconclusive, we believe that it is important to give consumers the option to safeguard against this potential threat. This is why we produce our anti-aging moisturizer, Alo-Verix, with all natural ingredients. Our unique formula not only provides thorough moisturizing and enhances the appearance of skin, but also provides these benefits without the risks. Don’t that feel better to smooth on?