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Bio-Scriptives Professionals

Why carry Bio-Scriptives products or use Bio-Scriptives products in office?

Our products are backed by science for clinical skin care results. Our team of scientists and physicians employ their advanced knowledge of skin dynamics and biochemistry along with extensive research and experimentation to develop high quality products that produce extraordinary results.


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DERMA-RELEASE®: Enhanced Absorption & Greater Convenience

Our products are also formulated with cutting edge Derma-Release® absorption technology, allowing ingredients to reach targeted layers of the skin far more effectively than liposomal formulations.

  • Lipsomal formulas primarily reach the tissue-thin stratum corneum, and do not penetrate more deeply into the skin. Thus, liposomal formulas are limited in effectiveness and dependability.
  • By contrast, Derma-Release® suspends ingredients in a stabilized emulsion, specially constructed to become unstable at predetermined skin levels to release therapeutic ingredients.
  • Derma-Release® technology allows Bio-Scriptives products to penetrate and absorb more effectively for enhanced convenience and improved results.



Why Enhanced Absorption Matters

For in-office use, the greater convenience of Derma-Release®’s enhanced absorption becomes especially important. IT’S A FACT: A patient’s wait time has a significant effect on their level of satisfaction with your services.

According to the study “The Impact of Unacceptable Wait Time on Health Care Patients’ Attitudes and Actions” conducted by C. Jeanne Hill, PhD and Kishwar Joonas, PhD, “Wait time was found to have a significant effect on patients’ level of satisfaction with the provider’s services […]. The percentage of those who stated they were very satisfied doctor’s services decreased as wait time increased.”

Bio-Scriptives products’ enhanced absorption will ensure your patients and customers wait less before and after procedures when compared to competing products, which can have an impact on their overall impression of your services. That’s better for business and better for repeat visits.



A Safer Alternative

  • Bio-Scriptives products are potent enough to be utilized as a safer alternative to some controversial and potentially dangerous treatments like compounded pharmaceuticals and anti-inflammatory medications.
    There are no manufacturing protocols governing pharmaceuticals created by compound pharmacies. Compound pharmacies mix customized formulas for injections, creams and other drugs per physicians’ directions. Even supposedly sterile compounded medications can be tainted with infectious agents, such as the fungus responsible for a multistate outbreak of meningitis contracted from compounded epidural steroids. Some 700 victims fell ill and 61 died as a result of tainted drugs from one compound pharmacy alone! By comparison, Bio-Scriptives’ topical anesthetics and analgesics are absorbed deeply to deliver strong actives where they are needed, without the risk associated with compound pharmacies. Bio-Scriptives’ Lidum 4% and Lidum 5%, with 4% and 5% lidocaine respectively, are a clear choice for numbing before and after in-office procedures.
  • Bio-Scriptives’ ExtremePR topical analgesic for minor joint and muscle aches is a safer choice than OTC or prescription pain medication. OTCs like NSAIDs or acetaminophen carry risk of gastrointestinal bleeding, ulcers, liver failure, heart attack and stroke. The Arthritis, Rheumatism, and Aging Medical Information System database cites an estimated 16,500 annual NSAID-related U.S. deaths. The American Journal of Gastroenterology cites an estimated 5,000 NSAID-related U.S. deaths and a further 1,600 deaths related to low-dose aspirin. Some 18,184 emergency room visits annually result from acetaminophen side effects. Prescription medicines like opiates carry risk of addiction, overdose and other complications.



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