When you have carpal tunnel syndrome, relief quickly turns into your number one priority. It’s hard to be productive or to enjoy life to the fullest when wrist pain turns every task into an agonizing event.


The medical field doesn’t have a lot of good news about carpal tunnel syndrome. The surgery isn’t always successful and sometimes leads to complications which cannot be reversed. And a recent Reuters Health article indicates that steroid shots do very little to help patients avoid surgery in the long run.


Some doctors also offer wrist stretches which can help patients cope with carpal tunnel pain. These are especially helpful when carpal tunnel is still in its mild to moderate stages. You should use them before typing or before doing other work which might lead to a repetitive stress injury.


For some, stretches and splints will be enough to bring pain relief without resorting to shots or surgeons. Others may need a different pain management strategy.


Over the counter pain relievers like Tylenol or Advil aren’t always good options. They leave many people too groggy to go about their daily activities.


And if you’re dealing with carpal tunnel you will likely need something that works reasonably quickly.


Extreme PR is one solution that you might try. Our topical pain relief solution provides 4-6 hours of pain management without producing any dangerous side effects.


According to OSHA, repetitive strain injuries are the most common and costly problem in the US. Remember that you are not alone, and remember to take care of yourself. Your hands will thank you!