There’s a beauty myth out there which says that a facelift is an option of last resort for those who are losing the battle with wrinkles. However, a recent article in The Guardian may put that myth to rest.

According to the article, a study of facelifts has revealed something surprising. 76% of the people who got facelifts actually looked younger before their procedures.

Can you imagine? Spending thousands of dollars on a procedure only to look worse than you did before you got it? Risking procedure side-effects only to see more sagging than you saw before?

The Guardian’s conclusion? They beat the same drum that we’ve been beating over here on our blog: “…No one ‘needs’ [a facelift], and the benefits should not be oversold. Since a facelift can’t turn back the clock or make you more beautiful, it’s surely better to love the face you have and get a more youthful glow the traditional way: good sleep, good diet, and a good deal of skin care.”

What kind of skin care? We can answer that!

Keep your skin clean. Protect it from the sun. And moisturize it so that it has the nutrients it needs to look its best.

Take these steps every day of your life. You can’t take these steps “occasionally” and expect to see results. There is no proven way to reverse damage that has already been done (though even damaged skin looks better when you take the time to moisturize it).

Stop looking for a quick fix. They don’t exist, and, as with the facelift, they often make matters worse.