Drinking your water can help you resist the rigors of aging, protecting your skin against wrinkles. But according to a CBS report, drinking that water out of plastic water bottles could be counterproductive.

The problem is the repetitive motions that your mouth is making while you drink. These motions cause fine lines around the mouth that can be very difficult to get rid of.

Beer bottles and straws were other likely culprits.

A wide mouthed, stainless steel water bottle might be the solution. You don’t use a suction motion to drink that water, and it’s better for the environment. And if you can, it works just as well to reach for a glass.

It can be frustrating to realize just how many things threaten our skin! However, you can fight back without reaching for expensive laser procedures. Just take care of your skin, avoid straining it too much, and keep reaching for a good moisturizer like Alo-Verix to give it all the nutrients it needs.