There’s a new, high-tech solution for acne sufferers. According to Daily News, it’s a combination skin scanner and phone app designed to help sufferers understand how long a pimple might last. It also tells sufferers how they might make a pimple go away.

Announced at this week’s TechCrunch tech conference Disrupt Europe in Berlin, ScanZ is a palm-size app-connected skin scanner that lets users know when a pimple will likely go away and how to make that happen as fast as possible—it also predicts future breakouts, the company claims.

Developed by a company called mySkin, ScanZ has just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $150,000 to perfect its prototype and eventually bring the product to market. MySkin expects to deliver its first ScanZ devices in May of next year, with a retail price of $249.

…Reported in Tech Crunch, the app works by tracking your diet and what types of cleaning products you use, as well as analyzing images of your skin, to offer a list of recommended steps to help control breakouts.

To track your skin, users scan their face with a device that takes transdermal images of the skin surface, which then transmits the data to an app. Using “acne algorithms” based on the Mayo Clinic Algorithms, ScanZ can then offer personalized tips—and the more you use it, the better it understands your skin.

While a high-tech data-mine of your face is certainly cool and could certainly be helpful, real acne control starts with the right cleanser. Repiderm’s all-in-one cleansing formula helps clear up old break-ups while preventing future ones. It helps with all kinds of acne and works fast to restore your skin to optimal health.

And at $27.00 per bottle, you can feel confident that your acne is going to go away fast—without suffering the high price tag that’s attached to the ScanZ’s recommendations.