Japan is definitely emerging as the center for strange beauty items. The latest invention from the company that brought you the mouth mold? A Face Bra.

Straight from The Daily Mail:

The Hourei Lift Bra is a band that slides over the back of your head, and then the frame fits easily onto your nose.

Its soft silicone rubber curves have been designed to feel comfortable on your skin while the ‘wire’ design promises to place only gentle pressure on your cheeks.

‘If you worry about your smile or laugh lines (nasolabial folds), then a simple but effective device like this that you wear daily is your ticket to combatting the signs of aging, say producers.

Or how about a face stretching mask that fits over your entire head? To say that either variation of this device looks positively painful would be understating things a bit.

The stretchy accessory wraps around your face and claims to help exercise different muscles while you make all kinds of bizarre facial expressions.

Or you could, you know, eat right, sleep enough, and moisturize, instead.