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Botanical Answers to Summer Skin

By Aug 07, 2015 Comments Off on Botanical Answers to Summer Skin

Even the most dedicated among us have a hard time keeping up their skincare routine with the hectic nature of this time of year. That’s why we put together a list our favorite at-home remedies so you can keep your skin looking great no matter your schedule.

Coconut Oil

While you may already think of Summer when you see coconut oil, its actually an excellent year-round moisturizer. Known for its deep moisturizing properties, the oil is great for replenishing skin after a long day outdoors. You can apply a small amount of unrefined, extra-virgin coconut oil with a cloth or small swab. Here’s an article we love all about using coconut oil on skin.

2. Aloe

A skincare mainstay, and for good reason. Aloe is incredibly soothing, and helps calm and moisturize skin after environmental damage (sunburn, windburn etc). Aloe extract can be applied directly to irritated skin for relief, making it a must-have for outdoor adventures. The power of this natural ingredient is what inspired us to couple it with our Derma-Release technology in Alo-Verix. Read more about using aloe at home.

3. Avocado

Avocados contain fats that can help moisturize skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Though most of us are probably familiar with the California specialty, you may not know that you can make an organic face mask with the fruit.

4. Lemon

While long a Summertime staple as lemonade, lemon actually has big-time benefits for your skin. The natural vitamin C in lemon juice helps promote radiant and clear skin, as well as acting as an astringent. You can combine simple lemon juice with another botanical, Witch Hazel, in order to make a great natural toner.

5. Basil

Beyond its amazing fragrance, basil can also help clear acne prone skin. Basil can be turned into a simple skin toner too with this recipe from Andrew Ordon, MD.

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