Bike MS New York City is a fundraising event that helps to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis research. This year, Bioscriptives is sponsoring the event by contributing to the gift bags that the National Multiple Sclerosis Association gives out to all participants.

We’ve chosen Lidum 5% as the gift product. We’ve chosen Lidum 5% because it is one of the strongest non-prescription topical anesthetics for hemorrhoids or anorectal fissures. These are both conditions that can be real problems for cyclists due to the nature of the sport. It’s tough to keep biking when one is in that kind of pain! We want all of the participants to be comfortable, both during the ride and after.

The event takes place on October 6th. Registration fees are $75 and you can register online. Each participant is also expected to raise $150 for the cause. It’s also possible to register as a member of a team if you can get a few friends together!

The ride is fully supported by teams of bike mechanics, catered rest stops and support vehicles. The entire route is traffic free, which means that all of the participants are in for a very safe, fun-filled day.

This is the largest 1-day fundraiser for the Multiple Sclerosis Association in the country. If you’re a cyclist living in the NYC area, why not think about attending?

Bioscriptives would like to wish everyone who attends the event a happy, fun-filled ride. We also hope that the National MS Association will have a successful day of fundraising!