Simply Stylist 2013 is coming up on October 27th, and Bioscriptives can’t wait!

We’re going to be right there giving out Lidum 4% in all of the gift bags.

What is Simply Stylist 2013? It’s an event where fashion bloggers, style bloggers, stylists, editors, and fashion designers all come together to discuss industry trends and to share wisdom. It’s a great opportunity to network with other people who are passionate about this dynamic industry.

Why did we choose Lidum 4%? Lidum offers a lot to stylists! It can be used to numb customers prior to any hair removal procedure. And it helps stylists keep working if they happen to take a nasty burn from a curling iron. Its numbing power makes it the perfect product for jet-setting fashionistas!

Want to learn more about Simply Stylist 2013, or purchase tickets? Just click here. See you there, fashion-lovers!