SSRun is an annual run that raises funds for the Play Ball Foundation, a foundation which helps Boston inner city Middle School children get involved with team sports. This involvement teaches the kids valuable character and life lessons.


The SS Run is kind of a uniquely fun event. All the runners don Santa Hats and Speedos (women add bras, of course). This has been the tradition since 2000, and this is all the brave runners wear to the party.


Yes, it  is  freezing cold at this time of year! That’s what makes the runners so brave and unique.


Since all of the participants get gift bags we thought we’d chip in by adding Extreme PR to every bag. Extreme PR’s muscle and joint pain relief is ideal for an active runner!


If you’d like to find out more about the SSRun, or get involved yourself, just visit this website.  The run takes place on December 14th in Boston.