Emmy Award winning TV host Aurea McGarry will be hosting her 7th Annual Live Your Legacy summit on January 6th in St. Petersburg, FL. Bio-Scriptives is happy to announce that we’re supporting this event by sending Lidum 4% out to all of the summit attendees.

The purpose of the summit is to bring passionate entrepreneurs, teens, and charity groups together in a single room. There, they’ll share ideas and get the benefit of many fun workshops and seminars designed to help people “get off the hamster wheel” and turn their attention to creating strategic plans that will help them live their best legacy. It’s all about creating a bigger, greater life. You can learn more about the summit, and buy tickets, here.

Lidum 4% seemed like the perfect gift product to us. People who are out there building legacies are active, on the go, and hands-on. Lidum 4% helps treat burns, scrapes, and cuts, bringing near-instant pain relief so busy people can get back to their lives.

This summit is life-changing. If you live in the area or plan to travel there, think about checking it out!