The summer heat produces plenty of beauty challenges. However,’s Daily Beauty Reporter has some answers.

Take the persistent problem of drippy, sweaty make-up, for example. Turns out the fix for this problem is relatively simple and easy to implement.

“Summer is the perfect time to lighten up on your normal foundation routine…If you have dry skin, the hot times are perfect for using a light BB or CC cream. If you’re oily, powder mineral bases will do you right and even you out. Finish up your face base by covering standout imperfections lightly with concealer. Also, using a make-up setting spray will make all that face work last longer and prevent muddy foundation from happening.”

The article also mentions using eye primer and water-proof mascara to avoid the raccoon look. It offers tips for hair and nails as well.

However, the article did neglect one of the most important summer beauty tips of all. Namely: you need to be very conscious about protecting your skin from the sun!

Use sunscreen. Buy a good hat and wear it while you’re outside. When you go to the beach, bring a good beach umbrella for instant shade. It all helps.

Remember, sun damage ages you! Sun damage is one of the most persistent reasons why people get wrinkles. So get a strong sun screen (SPF 30 or higher) and be careful about your exposure. Your face will thank you – there are just some things that even a light concealer won’t be able to take care of.