Wrinkle prevention isn’t just about beauty. It can have an impact on your personal and professional life, too.

After all, most people want to be around individuals who they perceive as having a positive attitude. In addition, people generally look to “high-energy” individuals as leaders.

So you can imagine the impact a “sadder, angrier face” might have on your future opportunities.

This study featured on NBC indicates that wrinkles do indeed have a negative impact on how people perceive your emotional state.

“In the study, participants viewed photographs of 64 faces and were asked to rate the faces based on the level of emotion that they showed.

People in the study rated the faces of older adults as much more sad and angry than the faces of younger adults, despite the fact that all of the faces had neutral expressions according to the researchers.

Wrinkles on the face can cause the mouth to drop and the forehead to crinkle, features that others may misperceive as anger and sadness, said study researcher Carlos Garrudo, a doctoral student in social psychology at Penn State University.”

These are all excellent reasons to pay attention to wrinkle care regimens. We’ve outlined several methods in previous posts.

We’ve also noted how helpful it is to moisturize your face. Remember, dry skin looks older!

Products like Alo-Verix can help by “feeding” your skin the nutrients it needs to remain happy and strong.

And remember to smile as much as possible! It’s hard to misinterpret a smile, even if you’ve got a wrinkle or two.