September is the time of year that is often associated with early alarms, late-night study sessions and stress-fueled acne breakouts. With the ushering in of a new season, it’s also a great time to renew and revitalize your skin’s health and your habits. The new school year doesn’t have to be bad news for everyone. It’s also a good opportunity to make sure you don’t binge and stress-eat your way throughout the new school year because multiple studies have shown that your diet affects your skin.

Whether you’re preparing for the new school year, joining a new class or hoping to jumpstart your Fall look, here are three quick ways to refresh your September style:

1.) Clean Out Your Beauty Closet

One thing that many skin care and beauty enthusiasts look forward to with the changing of the seasons is the new collections released by their favorite brands. Before you stock up on new products, go through your current supply and check if they’re still within their expiration dates. If you notice any makeup or skin care products that look the worse for wear or expired, don’t hesitate to toss them in the trash. Don’t risk a bad reaction by clinging to old products that need a replacement.

If you’re already suffering from acne breakouts, you might also have to replace your current product with a new anti-acne treatment, like Repiderm. It contains powerful Benzoyl Peroxide and several beneficial herbal ingredients that will banish breakouts with its one-step solution. Think of all the bacteria that’s sitting pretty in your old products and make sure you get rid of liquid makeup once a year, replace mascara every three months and thoroughly clean your brushes every week.

2.) Add New Beauty Products!

Making sure you have a fresh face for Fall is not just about completely reinventing your whole look or routine. Trying on a new yet doable makeup style or replacing underperforming skin care products with new recommendations are great ways to revitalize your look. Dare to go outside your comfort zone with striking colors or, if you’ve already been there, a more toned-down yet dewy look.

3.) De-Stress Your Skin

Many women don’t need to check their calendar to know that it’s time for the new school year to begin. Some know it because of the sudden appearance of acne breakouts and other skin maladies. These are most likely the results of a stress breakout or a side-effect of the drop in temperature. Dry skin and tired, puffy eyes are bound to hound many beauties this season, so it’s a must to choose the right hydrating products, such as Alo-Verix. Aside from its hydrating properties, it boosts anti-aging efforts as well.