Eating the right foods can help you resist the signs of aging. But eating the wrong foods can age you from the inside out, according to New Orleans news outlet

Of course, sugar, carbs, and processed foods are already linked to a host of other illnesses. According to this report the reason is fairly simple. These foods actively destroy our cells. They impact practically everything in our bodies.

The reaction is called “glycation.” According to the report, it can be seen through the skin through a special light.

One of the molecules (sugar) loves to attach to collagen and also elastin. So these molecules, which of course keep your skin plump, keep your skin firm, and wrinkle free, actually become damaged during the glycation process.

This process also explains the link between sugary foods and acne.

Acne is a problem of western cultures. We don’t see acne in places where people don’t eat processed foods…We fingered the chocolate when in reality the problem was the sugar, and there have been studies now that have been done to show that giving kids who have acne low glycemic index diets actually improves their acne.

If you want to avoid sugars you’re going to need to start reading labels. Almost every packaged and pre-processed food in the grocery store contains high fructose corn syrup. Eating HFC products is like eating white sugar by the teaspoon.

To stay on the safe side, shop the edges of the store. That’s where you’ll find whole, unprocessed fruits, veggies, lean meats and dairy products.

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