The dangers of smoking cigarettes is common knowledge and its effects, ranging from cardiovascular disease to premature aging and even cancer, are widely known. But is its newer alternative, e-cigarettes, bad for the skin as well?

Most of the damaging effects from smoking is due to the burning of tobacco. This is why many have switched to electronic cigarettes, which don’t produce smoke or contain any tar or tobacco. However, even though they are said to be safer than regular cigarettes, there is still no concrete proof that they are safe in general.

One factor against the safety of e-cigarettes is the fact that they still contain some dangerous substances, such as nicotine and other toxins. Just the inclusion of nicotine alone is proof that e-cigarettes are more likely than not bad for your skin & can lead to premature aging.

The Negative Effects of Nicotine On Our Skin

The primary goal of e-cigarettes is to provide nicotine to the body. Nicotine is an addictive stimulant that has proven to be harmful, with one study showing that it delays healing of wounds while accelerating the aging process of the skin.

Aside from stimulating the brain, research has shown that it also hastens the skin’s normal cellular activity, causing wrinkles and premature sagging of the skin. Researches have also discovered a chemical compound in nicotine that can possibly mangle proteins. These damaged proteins can increase the likelihood of getting cancer or diabetes, as well as accelerated aging.

The presence of nicotine in the body has also been linked to an increase in heart rate as well as blood pressure. Having high blood pressure can result in the thinning of the skin and premature aging, due to the increase in stress. Artery damage is a common side-effect as well, which also damages the skin because it drops the amount of oxygen that it receives.

When cigarettes were first introduced, they were marketed as healthy products and it remained that way for several years. This is similar to how e-cigarettes are being presented now, as a safe alternative to regular cigarettes. More in-depth research is required to determine the permanent effects of e-cigarettes, but the evidence currently available points to several harmful effects. Avoiding anything that contains nicotine is always recommended for those who want healthy skin.