Acne is often written off as a trivial condition. It’s not ideal, and nobody wants it, but it’s rarely treated as a truly serious problem.

However, Skin Inc. has recently run a story that talks about efforts to raise awareness about the severe, long-term emotional impact that acne can offer, especially when there is any kind of scarring to contend with. It turns out that this is a rather pervasive problem, as 40% of acne sufferers can end up with some sort of scarring.

According to an independent study, 71% of surveyed consumers with acne scars feel their scars from acne negatively affect their self-confidence. To combat the self-image issues that acne scars leave with consumers, Suneva Medical and the National Association for Self-Esteem are committed to raising awareness and inspiring change in the way people handle the emotional impact associated with acne scars.

The tips include acknowledging and valuing your worth as a person, understanding your treatment options, finding a support group and considering therapy. All of these steps can help combat depression and self-esteem issues associated with acne scarring.

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