Sunscreen helps you prevent wrinkles and skin cancer. But if you pick the wrong one, you might just give yourself acne instead.

Fortunately, Refinery 29 has stepped in to offer some guidance. It has provided a slide show which will tell you which sunscreen products won’t make you break out.

The list includes MD Solar Sciences SPF 50, Supergoop Sun Screen, and John Master’s Organic’s mineral sunscreen. There are ten options, enough to fit just about anyone’s personal preferences or allergy considerations.

This list is pretty important because if sunscreen leaves you with acne you may not want to use it, even if you know that there are long-term benefits for doing so. Knowing how to choose the right balance between short-term skin health and long-term skin health can make all the difference in the world, and it starts with choosing sunscreens that don’t force you to choose.

Of course, the sunscreen isn’t always the problem. If you’re trying an acne-free sunscreen and you’re still getting acne then you’ll want to look at other causes.

It all starts with good, solid preventative care. You should make sure that you’re keeping your face clean, and you should make sure that you’re using a good anti-acne cleanser. Repiderm, for example, is an all-in-one treatment product that can keep your face clear and clean. Doing this will help your face withstand all sorts of skin challenges.

Whatever you do, don’t stop using sunscreen altogether! Your skin won’t thank you for making that kind of a sacrifice.