It’s great to be proactive about skin care. But if you’re engaging in one of the 7 deadly sins of skin care the damage will eventually exceed any product’s ability to make repairs.

1. Sun Worship

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. You must take sun damage seriously if you want to have healthy skin.


Many people have caught on to the idea that they don’t necessarily want to sun bathe at the beach. However, most people don’t think about all of the other times that they come into contact with the sun. Walking around outside on an overcast day still exposes your skin to harmful rays.


Some people also assume that a tanning bed is perfectly safe. But the damage to your skin is the same, whether it’s caused by the sun or by an artificial light source.


2. Hard Livin’


Do you smoke cigarettes? Are you drinking every night?


Either activity can really do a number on your skin. These substances literally age your skin from the inside out. Your skin doesn’t heal as easily and becomes susceptible to all kinds of damage.


Alcohol leaves you dehydrated, which sucks the smoothness and plumpness from your skin. It can also trigger rosacea breakouts. And cigarettes can taint your skin with an unattractive yellow tinge. Blech!


3. Harsh Cleansing


Scrubbing your skin isn’t helpful.


Instead, take a cue from smart domestic service engineers. They know that if you put a cleaner on a counter and walk away for awhile they can let the cleaner do the work. Then they can just wipe the mess away–no elbow grease.


You can do the same thing for your face. Just walk away from the sink for a few moments. When you come back you can gently rinse your face and pat it dry.


4. Constant Worrying


Stress causes all kinds of skin problems. It can be especially difficult for people who suffer from rosacea, since it can trigger flare-ups.


Stress also causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol, which literally saps the strength from the collagen in your skin. That means fine lines and wrinkles won’t be far behind. There’s a reason a wrinkled face is sometimes described as being “careworn.”


Stressing out may also cause you to lose sleep, which can create dark circles under the eyes. Our body also uses sleep for cellular repair–which means if you’re not getting enough of it your skin cells aren’t really getting the time that they need to fix themselves.


5. Over-Treating


Microdermabrasion. Chemical skin peels. Laser treatments. Even the names of some of these treatments sound painful.


And while receiving these treatments under the guidance of a qualified dermatologist can indeed be beneficial to your skin, overdoing it can start stripping away protective layers and doing incredible amounts of damage.


Make sure you keep your doctor abreast of everything you’re doing to treat your skin. When in doubt, give it a rest. There is no magic skin cure that will knock 10 years off your apparent age overnight.


7. Sugar Addiction


Our sweet tooth can be our enemy in more ways than one. Sugar doesn’t just increase your risk of weight gain. It actively endangers your skin, too.


Can’t stand to go a day or so without something sweet? Try a square of organic dark chocolate with a 80% or higher cacao concentration. This form of chocolate is full of anti-oxidants that can actually help you protect your skin.


8. Dehydration


Moisturized skin is better looking skin. If you want to give your skin an instant pick-me-up simply reach for a good moisturizer.


Of course, a truly good moisturizer does more than hydrate the skin. Try Alo-Verix, which also soothes it and fights off the evidence of damage by including anti-oxidant rich resveratol.